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Leadership Development Program for Team Leads, Supervisors and Managers

In the consulting industry, each situation is unique and requires a specific set of solutions. For this project, I help my clients define a tailored curriculum personalized to their management team by assessing their strengths and skills gaps. I offer content that is relevant, practical and insightful. I have an interactive and collaborative style of teaching that resembles group coaching, instead of your traditional classroom training. 

Style of training:  
•    This is not your typical classroom or content heavy training. There is NO DEATH BY POWERPOINT! Marilyn’s role is of a consultant, coach, and mentor. 
•    Marilyn will direct the lessons, teach practical techniques, and provide feedback on the spot and individually when appropriate. 
•    There is a max of 5 members per group to allow active participation. 
•    Style is very much an interactive conversation with activities incorporated into the agenda. 
•    The Participants must complete occasional assignments before class, always share in class, and collaborate in small teams when appropriate. 

•    This is a 12-session program that meets weekly for 2-hours on a set scheduled day/time using Zoom. 
•    No make-up sessions are available, but you can schedule a 10 to 15-minute one-on-one sessions with Marilyn to get caught up or receive individual coaching.

The long-term coaching allows participants to put into practice what they learn, share in class, receive coaching, and retain material long term. 

Communications Training
•    Supervisors with excellent communication skills can make a greater impact whether it be off-the-cuff dialogue or brief updates to their team. It is essential to keep thoughts organized and to the point both verbally and written. 
•    Giving and receiving feedback is another area that can be improved with developed communication skills. When using the right techniques, feedback can be used to reinforce or change behavior.
•    Communication issues are often the root cause of performance or conflict in the workplace. It is important to recognize poor communication delivery and replace poor habits with new techniques to improve performance as an individual contributor or as a leader. 

Leadership Identity and Skills Development Training
•    Supervisors with leadership skills can bring accountability to their teams by creating a supportive and motivating work environment.
•    It is important for supervisors to lead their teams in the most effective way by recognizing where the strengths are, where improvement is needed, and how to effectively use the skillsets of each team member. Identifying when to step in or delegate can only be accomplished with strong leadership skills. 
•    Supervisors with strong Personal Leadership Identity (PLI) can use their qualities and talents to make them unique and distinctive as an individual. Supervisors need to know actionable ways to use their PLI to effectively lead. 

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