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We help manufacturing executives transform their team into a powerhouse of high engagement, high performance, and high retention. 

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How we can help you!

Fully engage your teams 

Are you a manufacturing executive seeking to transform your team into a powerhouse of high-performing teams, high employee satisfaction, and retention? 

You're facing challenges such as:

- High turnover (including leadership, high performing employees, and/or new hires within 30 days)
- Breakdown in communication
- High absenteeism
- Unhealthy culture & low employee satisfaction
- Resistance to change (i.e. processes, systems/equipment/=, schedules, hires, etc.)
- Loss of process continuity / productivity
- Long and complicated process to fill jobs
- Insufficient training & lack of capacity to properly train
- Lack of experienced front-line supervisors

If you are struggling with some of these issues, we can help you change your situation just like our clients.

A Production Supervisor of a food processing company. Initially disengaged, he blamed his employees and was not taking accountability. We worked on his Leadership identity, recognizing his strengths, areas of growth and values. We improved on relationship-building, decision making, planning, and problem-solving skills. His mindset was renewed, and the result was a positive impact on operations and team morale.

Another client, a Food processing manufacturer who acquired a new facility. Their goal was to establish training guidelines before reopening the facility with a new team and equipment. We reviewed capacity then identified skills and training gaps. We then created a training plan with SOP’s and a system to evaluate and coach employees. One supervisor retained all new hires beyond the critical 90 days, achieving 100% retention and high-performance evaluations.

More client successes are available under LinkedIn recommendations and Google Reviews * 5 stars.

Discover our 4 Key Systems:

#1 Leadership Development
#2 Talent Acquisition and Selection
#3 Training
#4 Career Development

We can help you achieve:
- High retention
- High engagement and productivity
- Healthy culture
- Open communication
- Strong relationships within your team
- Improved leadership
- Confident decision-makers who take accountability
- Streamlined and efficient hiring processes
- Engaging and effective onboarding programs
- Competitive compensation and benefits
- Proactive & quality recruitment

Business Conference

Leadership Coaching 

Weekly individual or small group coaching with options for day, night, English and Spanish sessions. Your leaders will learn techniques to engage their team members on performance excellence, safety and quality. Their experience will be transformative as they gain self-awareness, share their challenges and implement strategies and develop their individual and department goals.

Business Meeting

Talent Acquisition 

This is a great example of how I can save my clients time and reduce cost. We start with identifying staffing needs and job descriptions to identify recruitment efforts and our team takes on recruiting and serves as an extension of your HR Team.

If you are ready to transform your front-line leadership retention, company culture and productivity.

Marilyn Rosa-Green

Our team is dedicated to building meaningful and long-lasting relationships. We collaborate to transform your team and culture to achieve high engagement and retention.

Marilyn Rosa-Green

Executive Leadership Coach 



About Marilyn

Marilyn Rosa-Green is an insightful Executive Coach & Strategist specializing in food and beverage manufacturing expansion planning. Marilyn combines her deep expertise in HR and Clinical Mental Health Counseling to foster positive organizational changes. Her educational background includes a Bachelor's in Psychology, a Master's in Human Resource Management, and a M.Ed in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.


Her proprietary Manufacturing Success Accelerator program has transformed team dynamics by addressing challenges like lack of accountability, unhealthy culture, high turnover and communication breakdowns. This innovative 4-key system not only optimizes front-line leadership and talent acquisition but also enhances training and career development initiatives.


Marilyn's holistic approach has empowered organizations to shift towards cultures of people centric and transformational leadership to achieve high engagement and sustainable growth. Outside of her professional endeavors, she enjoys a peaceful life on her Kansas farm with her family. 



What My Clients Say

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I would love to learn about your business challenges and strengths and I how I can help you grow your team.

It truly was a great experience participating in Mrs. Rosa-Green's Leadership Coaching class. She is very knowledgeable with great team building skills, guidance and experiences to develop and improve leadership qualities. I highly recommend that all leadership new or experienced should participate, as it will expand your perspective of strong team building and communication. The way she engaged with our group ensured all understood and were involved in each session. I will definitely be spreading the word about Marilyn Rosa Consulting Solutions going forward.

Thank you very much Ma’am for your time, patience, guidance and professionalism!

Joseph Arismendez
Ingredient Prep Supervisor

Work desk

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